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All bathroom set like sanitary, tiles, vanity tops (marble, limestone etc.) and bathroom furniture.

A bathroom says a lot about your home, it is where you and your guests go to relax and carry out everyday routines. We offer an impressive range of bathroom designs from ideas that turn your bathroom into a tranquil haven to a contemporary attraction. We offer a whole range of elegant bath and shower rooms with basins made from dark granite to light marble, and stunning natural stone floors. Top Marble is waiting to turn your bathroom into a peaceful space to escape and relax, where you can bathe in luxury whilst surrounded by walls with beautiful stones that ultimately create a great feeling of ambience.

Top Marble caters to all bathroom sizes and utilises space with style and comfort always in mind. We have luxurious small designs that do not suffice elegance and make the most of small areas. Top Marble also provides much larger designs for those who have a lot of room to fill.

A bathroom is simply not just a place where you go to wash, it is a statement of yourself, it represents the type of person you are. Top Marble aims to make sure that your design embodies everything you wish, whether it be a warm, simple or an extravagant idea. All of our projects enhance the richness and functionality of your bathroom fit to complete any home. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information on the many natural stones that we have to offer and how we can create your desired bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

We produce such lavish tiles that when people step into a Top Marble bathroom, they immediately acknowledge richness and comfort. Marble, granite and limestone all represent beauty, strength and elegance in any home. And, Top Marble has congregated a show-stopping selection of bathroom wall and floor tiles for you to choose from. If at any point you need help in understanding differences, textures and colours of stones, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of our friendly team. We aim to please and ensure that there is always somebody available to assist you with such an important decision. The right tiles can transform your bathroom and can even make its appearance bigger through cleverly using the right colour stones on both your walls and floors. We produce a mixture of combinations, so if you are adventurous and want an unusual look we can combine different stones and designs together to achieve a unique look. Alternatively, if you want a simple but classy bathroom, we carefully select the appropriate colour from our broad pallet, look at the designs we have and see how we can produce something subtle. Marble wall tiles can make any bathroom look spectacular from fitting our outlandishly stylish tiles, so hurry and take advantage of our current deals.