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2015 Design Trends for Kithen and Bathroom

Year of Deeply Saturated Tangerines

In 2015, saturated warm tones, especially orange is a popular choice for this year to liven up spaces and our lives. Using warm tones will add character and a modern look to your kitchen. When Reddish-orange applied on accessories would create bold design statement that replaces last year’s hot pink trend.

Blue-Gray Arrives Again in 2015

One of the trends of 2015 is grey blue color in kitchens. It’s an unusual color for kitchens but it works well with stainless steel appliances and modern accents. This color was used on dining room walls in the past but it makes its return with kitchens.

Stainless steel will remain to be a preferred choice for your kitchen appliance finish.

Since stainless steel has been used in kitchens for over a century due to its well-known charm, its ability to provide a hygienic surface, its gleaming presence, together with its connection with lavishness.

New Technologies like LED Lights to be Considered in Kitchen Designs

Led light has been a recent trend in kitchen designs as lighting has always been an important element when cooking. Ceiling, linear, wall mounted lighting will make your kitchen an important focal point and social area.

Trends in Bathroom Designs

Although kitchens are going brighter, baths are going the reverse direction, with a lot of natural elements.The soothing natural colors like light brown, caramel brings elegance to your bathrooms. Colors, lines and earth colors are much appreciated design elements of this year.

Using Glass for Bathroom Design Ideas

A nice and well designed bathroom can help increase the potential value of a property. Bigger shower areas, more spacious. Glass is a great element for achieving this look. Balance between materials and the quality of the space are important factors when designing and choosing materials: ceramic, stylish basins, detailing on taps and fittings and "perfect glasses".

Double Basins

Double basins which gives more comfort even in small bathrooms. Storage is a must... it must be practical, easy to use, easy to clean and available. Storage can be built under the double basins to create a contemporary look.

Creating a Technology Corner in the Bathroom

Technology is allowing you to have your own screen and audio system when in your bathroom. Luxury and comfort are demanding their presence in contemporary bathrooms and your audio/video system in your bathroom will add more style to your design.