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How to Clean Marble Hearths ?

Marble is a very elegant but soft natural stone. Because it is susceptible to decay, you should only use nonabrasive cleaners for your marble hearth.


1) To avoid some residues to scratch your delicate marble heart, firstly, vacuum any dust from the hearth, preferably, using a soft vacuum brush.

2) Mix couple of tablespoons of washing up liquid (mild one) or a pH balanced stone cleaner with a gallon of warm water and wipe the hearth with a sponge until it is clean.

3) To rinse any residues, refill the bucket with a warm clean water and wipe the marble hearth again.

4) Use a clean towel to dry and polish the marble hearth. That’s it!

clean marble hearth

How to Clean Chrome Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories ?

Chrome a chic material for modern decorations. Unfortunately, Chrome sinks tend to have watermarks. Using nonabrasive cleaner will protect the plating that creates a shiny look.

Steps (to clean water spots):

1) Combine white wine vinegar with warm water and mix them well.

2) Apply generously to the chrome accessories or taps and wait for a few minutes.

3) Use an old tooth brush to scrub the chrome, rinse with cold water. Wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it throughout.

clean marble hearth

Looking After Your Granite Worktops

Granite worktops will not only add value to your property, but add character, timeless elegance and natural beauty for your house. Granite is an attractive natural stone that is not inexpensive at all. So how should you look after your granites to prolong their life?

-Granite surfaces should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth and dried off afterwards to clean up any residues that soaps or hard water could cause.

-Avoid abrasives and always use products that are pH balanced (pH7)

-Avoid scour pads, wire wools, cutting food on the worktop. You should never expose your granite worktops to excessive heat such as putting a hot pan on the worktops.

-Also, acidic and spirit based products such as wine, fruits and perfume can damage your beautiful granite countertops. Should spillage occur, wipe off as soon as possible.

clean marble hearth