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Kitchen Worktops

It is essential to choose the right stone, shape and design for your kitchen worktops because a worktop is a kitchen’s most visible feature, and in most cases completes your grand plan. Top Marble understands this and believes that we not only offer height of luxury worktops for kitchens, but also possess an unbeatable knowledge of the stones we craft and fit into your kitchen.

We can educate you in which stones are most suited to you, if you are looking for a suave kitchen we would recommend a light coloured marble or limestone worktop and if it is a practical worktop you want, we would guide you more towards darker granite stones. We teach you how each stone is different and not only what looks stylish, but also the types of stones that are most practical for your kitchen. We prize ourselves on supplying and fitting the highest quality worktops for kitchens and unlike many other companies we manufacturer the natural stones ourselves. When stones are not sourced directly from manufacturers, costs increase and quality can be sufficed. However, at Top Marble, where quality is key, we like to know where each stone is sourced from to ensure you that your stones are in top condition when they arrive at our craftsmen in Oxford. Take a look at the different types, colours and textures of beautiful natural stones that we have to offer and can excellently cut, curve, craft and polish to create the ultimate worktops for kitchens.