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Natural Stones - Granite - Marble - Porcelain - Limestone - Travertine - Mosaic

Granite is not only beautiful but also offers durability, being the second strongest stone in the world, with diamond coming first. The long lasting natural stone is resistant to water and scratch marks and its strength and resilient properties ensure that your kitchen is an investment. Your granite worktop can take the pressure of heat from cooking pans and is ideal for a kitchen that is frequently used. It is hard to find such a stone that encompasses beauty and strength together, which is why others will see your granite kitchen as a luxurious possession. Granite is also never the same colour as another slab, each stone is different and so on no occasion can you find the same colour granite. This aids you with individuality and a promise that your stones are not replicable elsewhere. For a more artistic stone, why not choose a marble design? Despite not being as practical as granite, if well looked after, marble is just as durable as granite. With each kitchen and bathroom we fit, we provide maintenance information to keep them looking as new as the day of installation. You and your guests will be impressed at how a marble kitchen or bathroom can give your home a suave makeover. A platinum or Turkish Crema Marble represents elegance and can transform your home into a sophisticated work of art with the stone’s silver and light beige tones. Travertine is another luxurious stone that we have to offer, some of which are classic travertine, which is light in colour and houses beautiful beige and brown swirls; chalky red travertine to bring warmth to your home and produce a slightly worn look; ivory vein-cut travertine to show off a unique matt appearance; and a rich in colour, golden travertine complete with a blend of yellows and satin matte effect. For a contemporary look we have plenty of iconic limestone, proving very popular in many of our modern designs. Whatever stone you are searching for, you can be assured that all of our natural stones at Top Marble are of the highest quality.