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If your natural stones have lost their sparkle then all you need is a little restoration and polishing. At Top Marble we not only install natural stone kitchens and bathrooms, but we also help you preserve and look after them.

We specialise in natural stone polishing, cleaning and restoration for both domestic and commercial clients. Often, people have marble kitchens for years on end and need a little freshening up to restore their natural beauty. Cleaning a natural stone floor may seem like a simple concept but it is far from it; professionals must first analyse the type of stone and damaged caused to it and then decide upon the correct chemicals necessary to eradicate the problem. Acid is also used by experienced tradesmen, and if completed by someone who has never cleaned or restored natural stones before, could ruin your home. What is needed, for example in marble restoration is primarily a clean up and removal of all dirt and stains with what we call a stripper machine or diamond grinder, then polishing apparatus is used to buffer your stones, restoring the shine that was once lost. Some inexperienced tradesmen may use cheap chemicals that artificially make your granite or travertine floors appear shiny and clean, but will last for maximum of a week. It is essential to hire a good ethical company that ensures that the job is not half-heartedly finished, which is why you should choose Top Marble.

Lastly, please do not try and restore your gorgeous natural stones yourselves, as you will cause them even more damage than intended. Our cleaning and polishing services come at an affordable price and in turn maintain the strength and attractiveness of your stones.

Stone Floor Polishing and Cleaning Service

Top Marble Ltd are committed to utilising the most suitable products and latest advances in technology both at home and from abroad to ensure your natural stone is treated in the most effective and efficient way. We pride ourselves on our experience, expertise and quality of work that makes us a leading force in the field of marble and natural stone floor polishing, cleaning and restoration.

Using our high standards of craftsmanship and restoration skills we can restore your natural stone surfaces back to their original and beautiful appearance.

We offer a full polishing service, support and consultancy services to cleaning companies, architects, surveyors, building contractors, hotels, interior designers, tillers and landscape designers.

Our services also include; Specialist templating & fitting, Choice from an extensive range of colours & finishes (Marble, Granite, Slate, Travertine, Mosaics, Limestone), Kitchen worktops & Splashbacks, Sinks and Basins, Bath Surrounds, Wet Rooms, Vanity tops, Fireplaces & Hearths, Water Features, Sealing, Staircases.


Natural stone is the timeless choice of discriminating customers. A design creation of Mother Nature, it speaks a sensuous and evocative language - one of color and texture, of feelings and richness. Natural Stone brings an elegance and aesthetic appeal that makes a statement, and enhances any décor.

We are here to look after your beautiful decoration.With the growing popularity of large format tiles and floating timber floors, a level and smooth floor is more crucial then ever.

We use the best equipment to provide the best possible floor levelling and level your problem floor without compromises.